DJ N-Tense

Metaverse's #1 Hip Hop Beats artist/producer! NO TRAP HERE!!!! STRICTLY REAL AUTHENTIC HIP HOP BEATS! All hail DJ N-tense!!!

🎧 DJ N-Tense 🎧 🌟 Metaverse's #1 Hip Hop Beats Artist/Producer! 🌟 🚫 No Trap Here!!! Strictly Real Authentic Hip Hop Beats! 🚫 🔥 All Hail DJ N-Tense!!! 🔥

DJ N-Tense emerged onto the music scene by dominating the underground bhangra scene with a string of successful mixtapes. Transitioning seamlessly into original production, he unleashed his debut album "More Than Just A DJ," solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of hip hop.

Discover the essence of DJ N-Tense in the dedicated N-Tense room within the Music District. Here, lyricists and artists from all corners of the web3 come together to vibe and collaborate to the infectious sounds and beats crafted by DJ N-Tense himself. There's no one more authentic and talented in the game than DJ N-Tense.

Join us in welcoming DJ N-Tense to the Music District, where his presence adds a new dimension of creativity and authenticity. Though he may not speak many words, his music speaks volumes, serving as his biography and testament to his unparalleled talent in crafting real hip hop beats. Get ready to experience the raw energy and undeniable talent of DJ N-Tense! 🎶