Taylor Alexander is a singer/songwriter, visual artist, and music NFT podcaster & pioneer. He debuted in web3 as the 1st ever live performer on The Nifty Show, in March 2021. In September he partnered with YoshiDrops to create a 7 song, live recording NFT membership drop on the WAX blockchain. Other mints include exclusive niftybox music NFTs and a 42 minute long LIVE from the Metaverse NFT and hosts two podcast “Yoshi Drops the Mic!” & “NFT FAQ”, available everywhere you listen to podcasts!!

IRL: Taylor has performed over 1500+ shows, released 4 EP’s and 3 singles independently. A handful of music videos he created while living in LA for 6 years. He’s recently founded a live music nonprofit called Gifted Individuals Guild (GIG) whose mission is to unify artists, venues and communities.