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"Fans supporting artists are the heartbeats that make the music of success come alive. Their unwavering passion and dedication are the necessary elements that fuel the artist's journey towards greatness." Rallo 🙏


A broadcast and music discovery channel dedicated to supporting and showcasing the best Web3 artists, projects, and communities across various platforms and blockchains.

In partnership with Broadcast Music Network Partners: VTATV, Metaverse Radio, TUNINGIN, and

Music District® is at the forefront as a Web3 broadcasting company, music network, and discovery channel. We dissolve traditional boundaries, allowing fans worldwide to discover new music, artists and experience livestreams in unprecedented ways. Our innovative services revolutionize traditional 2D livestreams by transforming them into immersive 3D and 4D virtual concert experiences. Specializing in cutting-edge streaming and broadcasting technology, we empower artists to extend their live events and performances beyond just one platform.  Our proprietary Web3 music partner network support and further extends livestreams across social media channels, virtual worlds, platforms and radio enhancing visibility, awareness and reach of new fans and followers. The vitality of Music District® mirrors the well-being of the artists and music communities that constitute its core. Our strength and prosperity are directly influenced by the flourishing of these creative talents and groups.

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SERVICES for artists & Communities

Stream - Self Serve
  • Stream - Self Serve
  • Stream - Self Serve
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SELF -SERVICE STREAMING We give access to our livestream tools for you to stream directly to your community from your phone and/or laptop. Do you lack the technology, the expensive subscription services, and the knowledge to effectively livestream your next livestream event to your community? This unique streaming service opportunity is particularly suited for those who may lack the necessary technical expertise, knowledge, and support to deliver your next livestream to your community across various social platforms. With this package, you avoid the learning curve and expensive subscription services while providing utility to grow your community. This allows you to concentrate fully on your event and/or musical performance. Check it out:

IMPORTANTPlease Add to your Cart at checkout: PERFORMANCE BROADCAST AGREEMENT for MUSIC DISTRICT - Prior to Services Rendered must be signed and submitted back to Music District®.

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