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February 2024

In a world where art and technology entwine, Kuguya stands distinct. Her metaverse performances, notably in Decentraland, were experiences of raw and unfettered expression, despite the challenges of hurried preparations and unanticipated interruptions. In these digital realms, she found an intimacy and engagement that traditional stages could not always offer. The simplicity and accessibility of such performances contrast sharply with the elaborate and often burdensome nature of attending live events in the physical world.

Her move to Los Angeles marked a period of stark change. The closure of Rice Studios, a venture born from her deep-seated desire to forge a community for artists, particularly those marginalized and overlooked, was a blow. The studio was more than a building; it was a symbol of her commitment to inclusivity and cultural identity. Events held there were a testament to this, bringing together diverse voices in a celebration of creativity and unity.

Kuguya's foray into the Web3 space was driven by a blend of curiosity and necessity. The transformation of a photograph, one capturing her in bold and unconventional attire, into a valuable NFT, opened her eyes to the potential of digital assets. This marked her deeper exploration into the world of Web3, seeing it as a frontier for artistic expression and financial independence for creators.

Kuguya's journey into the Web3 space unfolded with a blend of curiosity and a stark realization of the new digital economy's potential. The pivotal moment came with the transformation of her photograph into a valuable NFT. In this image, she was captured in bold, unconventional attire, an expression of her artistic audacity. The photograph, featuring her with an assertive pose and her breasts prominently displayed, embodied a daring and unapologetic celebration of femininity and art.

This image, initially a simple photoshoot for which Kuguya received a modest sum of $100, took on a new life in the world of NFTs. The photograph, minted into a digital asset, garnered significant attention and interest among collectors and enthusiasts in the Web3 community. The allure of the image, combining striking visuals with a sense of empowerment, resonated widely, leading to its high valuation.

Kuguya was struck by the stark contrast between her initial compensation and the eventual sale price of the NFT, which reached $2,000. This revelation highlighted the transformative power of Web3 platforms in redefining the value and reach of artistic works. It was a moment of awakening for her, realizing how digital assets could provide artists, especially those in visually compelling and provocative fields, with new avenues for recognition and financial gain.

This experience propelled Kuguya deeper into the Web3 realm, exploring its potential not just as a novel platform but as a revolutionary space for artists to achieve financial independence and greater control over their work. The incident underscored the burgeoning possibilities within the digital art market, where the traditional boundaries of art valuation and distribution were being redrawn. For Kuguya, it was a clear indication of a new era in artistic expression, where daring and bold visuals could find a unique and profitable place in the digital asset world.

Kuguya's stance on body positivity is deeply personal and reflective of a journey towards self-love and acceptance. She perceives the mainstream interpretation of body positivity as significantly diluted, losing the essence of its original purpose. In her view, the term has strayed from its roots, which were firmly planted in providing representation and voice to those often marginalized in society, particularly black, plus-size women.

Embracing a more inclusive and authentic approach, Kuguya prefers the term 'self-care' over body positivity. This preference underscores her belief in the importance of nurturing oneself holistically, acknowledging that self-acceptance is a multifaceted journey. For her, self-care transcends mere physical appearance; it's about cultivating a healthy relationship with oneself that includes mental and emotional well-being.

Kuguya's advocacy for self-care is about embracing all aspects of oneself, including acknowledging and accepting the challenging days. This realistic approach to self-love is not just about celebrating the good days but also about recognizing and being compassionate towards oneself during the low moments. She emphasizes that self-care is an ongoing process, a journey of standing up for oneself and persisting through life's ups and downs.

In her dialogue about self-care, Kuguya aims to realign the conversation towards the original intent of body positivity – to champion inclusivity and acceptance for all bodies, regardless of size, shape, or appearance. Her perspective seeks to broaden the understanding of self-love, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique journeys and experiences. Her advocacy is a call to reclaim and redefine the narrative around body image, shifting it from a superficial focus to a deeper, more holistic understanding of self-acceptance and care.

Facing the challenges and triumphs in her career, both as a musician and a model, Kuguya continues to pave her path with determination and authenticity. Her upcoming projects, including collaborations and new musical endeavors, reflect her unwavering commitment to innovation and exploration. Her vision for the future of music, intertwined with the evolving landscape of Web3 and virtual realities, is not just about adapting to new trends but shaping them with her distinct voice and perspective. In her journey, Kuguya embodies the essence of a true artist: resilient, versatile, and ever-evolving.

Kuguya's artistic footprint extends beyond her advocacy and visual artistry into the realm of music, encapsulating her multi-dimensional talent. Her music, an amalgamation of her creative spirit and personal journey, is now accessible on all major streaming platforms, providing a wide audience with the opportunity to experience her unique sound and lyrical storytelling.

In addition to these platforms, Kuguya's music has also found a home on, a space that aligns seamlessly with her involvement in the Web3 community., known for its focus on innovative music experiences and integration with the Web3 space, offers a platform where Kuguya's music can resonate with an audience that appreciates the intersection of art, technology, and decentralized platforms.



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