From the recording Human Body DayDreaming

Human Body Daydreaming" is an introspective track that revives an old-school sound, showcasing RALLO's signature storytelling and musical style. As the song progresses, RALLO's vocals take center stage, painting a vivid picture of a world where humans can escape their physical limitations and enter a state of limitless reality. His lyrics are both poetic and introspective, exploring the complexities of the human mind and the power of our innermost thoughts. With thought-provoking lyrics, "Human Body Daydreaming" is poised to become a staple in the current wave of web3 music and cultural awakening. This is all thanks to the expert beat and production by Linardi aka CMGEM, whose masterful production creates carefully crafted soundscapes that perfectly complement RALLO's vocals and unique lyric delivery. The chorus is a catchy and memorable hook that will linger in your mind long after the song is over. It's an uplifting and optimistic message that encourages listeners to embrace their dreams and aspirations, to live the life they are given, and to not lose themselves in thought.


Human Body Daydreaming
Artist: Rallo aka KAW KAW
Producer: Linardi aka CMGEM

Gepetto a wood Carver
Creator of a dreams
Yet even a wooden puppet knew to cut his own strings
The Antithesis of a ventriloquist
A mentalist
From Prophets back to apprenticeships….

Never compare yourself to any person, place or thing
Never describe, or measure by the amount of ya things
By the time you realize everything
that nobody was ever listening
learning that timing doesnt have
time for anything
intertwined relationships
both Physical and spiritual
Existence of non existent elements
Make ya cynical
words reflect emotion ,
self expression reflects you’re mind scheming
interpretation of your thoughts
the human body dreaming


Human body day dreaming
Human body day dreaming
Human body day dreaming
Human body day dreaming

Mind control is out of control
So much, I can’t believe
the whole greater, sum of its parts
Is what your taught to believe
We greater than the sum of the parts
the whole can ever be,
hard for some to image
Tough to achieve
Book of Revelation, chapter 13 (13:17–18),
the number of man is also
the number of the beast….
A hidden master plan
assigned to you at birth
straight up animals wearing button down shirts
Wasting time , losing months
Inside a cube represents mother Earth
One hour lunch breaks
not enough vacation days
Dinner with the sophisticates
Sipping coffee With the hypocrites…
Don’t kill the messenger
I’m just trying to open your eye Lids…

Human body day dreaming
Human body day dreaming
Human body day dreaming
Human body day dreaming